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Finding Your Inner Thoreau on Alaska's Talkeetna
My wife and I have a pact. I fully enjoy visiting her relatives in her home state of Alaska, but I need some Me Time to get in touch with my inner Thoreau. I get it on the talkeetna, big time... Read more.

Progression: thy name is big waves
The progression of freestyle kayaking is taking place on big waves! Read more.

2014 Yampa River Festival/Paddling Life Open : May 30-June 1, 2014
Held the weekend before the GoPro Games in nearby Vail, Colo., allowing professional paddlers the opportunity to swing by and paddle the Yampa River, the Yampa River Festival and Paddling Life Open is a dynamic event held in downtown Steamboat Springs, CO, on the Yampa River, the last remaining free-flowing tributary to the Colorado River system. Read more.

Putting Its Money Where Our Sport's River Mouths Are: Confluence Announces Sponsorship Iniatives for 2015
Putting its money where the sport's river mouths are, Confluence Outdoor recently rolled out its sponsorship programs for 2015, supporting the paddling community while protecting its waterways... Read more.
Dr. Aqua

A Whitewater Wedding
Karl Moser got married this month. If anybody doesnít know Karl, heís a former owner of the Epicocity Project, a former instructor at World Class Kayak Academy, an avid lover of big waves, Mountain Dew, Red Bull, and all things that put a little more tweak in his step and bounce in his blunts. Heís a stellar playboater, hilarious, and is now married to more than just the whitewater community. Hereís what LJ Groth had to say about the wedding. Read more.

The Ultimate Compliment
Sure, Budweiser just named EJ an ambassador for its Budweiser American Ale. But does he have a beer named after him? The late Ed Lewis, a mild-mannered canoeist from the Midwest, has even EJ the Olympian beat. His monikerís on a malted beverage... Read more.

River Babe

River Babe....She's Baaaccck!
Just when you thought you could get back to concentrating on other things in life, Shea Stevens, PL's illustrious River Babe, is back with her latest river-guide-in-training installment, this one from the depths of the Cheoah. Be still, oh beating heart... Read more.

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Guide Files
Our guide-in-training, the illustrious Shea Stephens, writes about learning the rafting ropes... "The first raft I carried to the bus fell on my head three times. We werenít even on the river yet and I was already being laughed at. The guys snickered and mumbled, probably taking bets on how long I would last and who I would end up hooking up with..." Read more.



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